Nin gim Thng k tnh Vnh Phc l n phm ưc Cc Thng k Vnh Phc pht hnh hng nm vi 2 hnh thc: Sch v Nin gim in t. Nin gim Thng k tnh Vnh Phc nm 2007 ưc ci tin, hon thin theo quy nh ca Tng cc Thng k v ưc in song ng (ting Vit v ting Anh). Nin gim bao gm nhng ch tiu thng k c bn phn nh khi qut thc trng pht trin kinh t - x hi ca tnh Vnh Phc nm 2007 v mt s nm trưc.

Nin gim Thng k tnh Vnh Phc nm 2007 ưc sp xp theo 11 chuyn phn nh iu kin t nhin, c s kinh t - hnh chnh, dn s - lao ng; phn nh kt qu tng hp ton b nn kinh t v tnh hnh sn xut kinh doanh ca cc ngnh, lnh vc ch yu. Tư liu thng k kinh t - x hi ch yu ca cc tnh ln cn, cc tnh trong vng ng bng sng Hng, ca c nưc v cc quc gia khu vc ng Nam ưc a vo Nin gim thun tin cho vic so snh.

Cc ch tiu thng k trong Nin gim ưc t chc thu thp, x l tng hp, tnh ton theo mt phm vi, phưng php thng nht trong c nưc, m bo tnh so snh quc t. m bo tnh kp thi ca thng tin, Nin gim c s dng s liu s b nm 2007 mt s lnh vc; s liu nm 2006 v trưc l s liu chnh thc.

Cc Thng k Vnh Phc xin chn thnh cm n cc n v v c nhn ng gp nhng kin qu bu i vi Nin gim Thng k hng nm ca tnh v mong tip tc nhn ưc kin ng gp xy dng Nin gim Thng k ca tnh c cht lưng ngy mt tt hn.

Cc Thng k Vnh Phc


Vinhphuc Statistical Yearbook is annually compiled and published under two forms: Book and CD ROM. The Vinhphuc Statistical Yearbook 2007 has been improved and completed according to ragulation of General Statistics Office. It is written in bilingual English - Vietnamese. Its contents includes basic indicators reflests the socio-economic situation of Vinhphuc provine in 2007 and the years backward.

The Vinhphuc Statistical Yearbook 2007 has arranged by 11 parts such as: National condition, administrative units, population and employment; reflecting agregated results of the whole economy and business activities of all main fields, branches. Some main socio-economic data of the neighbouring provinces, the red river delta provinces, the whole country and countries in South East Asia are also put in the Yearbook in order to help readers to compare conviniently.

The statistics indicators in the yearbook are collected and accounted according to the current regulated method of Vietnam statistics branch, guarantee the international comparison. The data in 2007 is prelimilary, the data in 2006 backward are official.

Vinhphuc Statistics Office kindly express sincere thanks to the branches and some persons who share the valuable opinion to annual statistical yearbook and looks forward to receiving any comments and ideas from readers and users for higher quality publications in the future.

Vinhphuc statistics office